transcript request

The College offers both official and unofficial transcripts. Unofficial transcripts do not bear the College’s official seal and official transcripts bear the College’s seal and are mailed directly from the College.

There is a fee to request transcripts (unofficial and official) of $5.00 per copy. You can mail the form to the address below and include payment via check/money order made payable to Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing. Or you can fax/email your form to (804) 627-5411/ and contact the Bursar at (804) 627-5362 or 627-5385 to make the payment by credit card over the phone. Once payment is received, your request will be processed within 3 -5 working days.

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing offers students and alumni two options for requesting transcripts from the College.

1. Complete the Transcript Request Form and send it via email, fax or regular mail to:

Shawn Ruppert, Registrar Specialist
Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing
8550 Magellan Parkway, Suite 1100
Richmond, VA 23227
Telephone: 804-627-5331
Fax: 804-627-5411

2. Alumni and students may also request and pay for their transcripts through the College information system, SONISWeb.

If you do not know your user ID and password, click on the "forgotten PIN and/or ID" option on the login screen. The system will send you a reminder to your email address. The reminder will be sent to the email address we have in SONIS so if your email address has changed since you were last enrolled you may not receive the reminder.

Once logged into SONISWeb, please edit your information (address/email address) as necessary by clicking the "Update Bio" tab. To order a transcript, click on your "bio" page then click the "requests" link located to the right of your address. Once on the requests page, you will see a drop down menu. Change the request type to "transcript request" and in the "comments" section type the exact address of where you would like your transcripts to go. If you do not enter a complete address your transcripts will be sent to the address we have for you in SONISWeb.

If you have any outstanding financial obligations to the College, transcripts will not be issued until all such financial obligations have been paid in full.